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basic rate for one standard translation page translated within 3 working days

Type of text Into Polish Into the respective foreign language
Group 1 (English, French, German, Russian) 30 zł 35 zł
Group 2 (other European languages using Latin graphics) 45 zł 50 zł
Group 3 (other languages) 80 zł 90 zł
A special promotion price for Hungarian 40zł 45 zł
23% VAT tax should be added to all the prices


A standard translation page contains 1500 characters (spaces included). (this counts as visible symbols + number of words).

Specialized texts – format of a standard page contains 1280 characters, spaces included.

Page format of sworn translation: 25 lines x 45 characters. (In the case of a translation drafted in a different format, a page of sworn translation is assumed to be 1125 characters).

Every page begun is considered as a full page. Standard translation page is used for calculations irrespective of the actual text layout and format.


Priority job (6 to 10 standard pages a day) +50%
Super Priority job (over 10 standard pages a day) 100%
Extra charge for technical hitches (handwritten text, low-quality print, charts, etc.) +25%
Verification of translation +50%
Receipt and delivery of text in Warsaw 20zł

ORAL TRANSLATIONS (for languages in Group 1)

Non-certified, certified and consecutive, per hour 120zł
Booth and simultaneous translation, per hour 120zł
Translation from a foreign language into another foreign language, per hour +50%
Minimal charge for arrival 200zł
23% VAT tax should be added to all the prices


On request, translations can be submitted in file format chosen by the customer with the original document layout being retained.



  • * foreign language teaching
  • * teaching Polish for foreigners
  • * computerized typing services
  • Price for oral translations of languages in Group 2 and 3 (other languages) is set individually.


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