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Dictionary Links Polish-German, Polish-English, German- Polish, English-Polish dictionaries -limited access Simple multilingual dictionary Simple multilingual dictionary Simple dicitonaries in the following languages: Polish, German, Russian, English, French, Spanish, Italian and Hebrew Very simple English- Polish dictionary The largest Polish-English online dictionary (about 500 thousand entries)
English Language Dictionaries: Several dictionaries and a search engine Search engine for dictionaries (around 900) Huge English Languagedictionary + thesaurus English Language dictionary of unusual and rarely used words (over 115 thousand words)
Polish Language dictionaries: PWN dictionaries and encyclopedia Słowniki PWN i encyklopaedia
The Polish language dictionary is made up of about 80 000 entries describing words used the contemporary Polish language. The Spelling dictionary contains about 125 000 words- both Polish as well as foreign words used in Polish. In addition there are a significant number of proper names especially of places and people.
The Dictionary of foreign words contains nearly 30 000 entries of words used in contemporary Polish and foreign language sayings. The Władysław Kopaliński dictionary of foreign words and phrases.
Specialist dictionaries: English Polish IT dictionary Basic English-Polish dictionary of internet terminology English-Polish dictionary of expressions connected with internet security Dictionary of acronyms (in different languages) English- Polish dictionary for electricians Angielsko-polski słownik dla elektryków Dictionary of terminology of the Office of the Committee for European Integration (Polish, English, French, German).


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